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Available for Adoption

Current Available Piggies

Bonded Pairs 

Peppa & Pancake

Mica & Jasper


Single Boys




Set up a playdate to bond your single with one of these, or adopt a bonded pair!

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Popeye, Cheech & Chong

Bonded Boy Trio

Cheech and Chong (Tommy) Were adopted at the 


They found wonderful homes. YAs the boys grew up they needed to be separated, which counter-intuitively is more common than not with sibling boys. They each found friends and a wonderful family. Popeye IS a foster fail and has become part of the Scotty's Animals herd. Watch my Latest Videos and you just might see him popcorning around!

Manny & Joaquin

Bonded Boy Pair

Manny & Joaquin were abandoned at a rescue volunteers doorstep in the middle of the night. Scotty fostered them but they have been adopted! Follow their adventures: renamed Saul and Irving

Marky & Donnie

Bonded Boy Pair

Marky & Donnie were born at Scotty's place on March 10th. They are brothers from a litter of 4. (3 boys, 2 girls) Their other brother Damon is available for adoption with his Dad, Keenan. Their sister and Mom have already been adopted. They are fun and sweet and love veggie treats and hay! They are Crested American Shorthair Guinea Pigs.

Keenan & Damon

Bonded Boy Pair

Keenan & Damon are a father and son pair! Damon was born at Scotty's place on March 10th with his other 2 brothers and sister. The 2 other brothers Marky & Donnie are available for adoption also. Their sister and Mom have already been adopted. They are a fun pair. They are Crested American Shorthair Guinea Pigs.

Hunter & Dottie

Bonded Girl Pair

Hunter and Dottie were surrendered by their owners at the West L.A. Shelter and are the sweetest nicest pair. They were shy at first, but with a little love and veggies they have really become confident ladies.  They are Tri-color American Shorthair Guinea Pigs, but don't let the name fool you, they are pretty fluffy!

Aurora & Graham

Bonded Girl Pair

Aurora and Graham were surrendered to Scotty and after a few months they were able to go to the LA Guinea Pig Rescue however they were adopted the same day by a loving family.

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