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Guinea Pig Care

2. Cage, Habitat - Minimum Size 8 Sq Ft (2.5 m)

I've made a video about how to make a C&C cage. It is very straightforward and simple, but there are a few steps you want to get "just right" or you may have to start over or "fix" your mistakes. Please watch the entire video and pay attention to the details, so you won't waste your time and money by cutting in the wrong place or the wrong size. I cover all the "GOTCHAS" so that you don't get frustrated redoing the construction after a miscalculation. It sounds intense, but your C&C cage can be built in less than an hour, even if you get fancy with your design. Also, C&C cages are easy to modify and expand. Here's my "How to Make a Good C&C Cage" (The Right Way!)

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To Build a Guinea Pig C&C Cage you will need:

  1 giant piece of corroplast. Located at home/ hardware stores, It needs to be big enough for the floor & sides. (48" X 96" makes up to 2X5) Watch the video for instructions.

  A Package of Grids. A 2X3 cage requires 10 grids.

6 grids for the front and back + 2 for each side (4 grids)

2X4 cage requires 12 grids. 8 grids for the front and back + 2 for each side(4 grids) and so on (zip-ties required)


   These C&C Grids are the ones we use at  L.A. Guinea Pig Rescue and are the best deal I've found for the quality. We recommend Kiln Dried Pine Shavings or Fleece. You can try making your own fleece pads, or support a Guinea Pig Fleece shop like Piggy Central

The Piggy Pantry  AndyPiggiesShop or Lucy's Cozys.

  In the UK check out CandE Cosies. The most popular Guinea Pig Fleece Liners online are made by GuineaDad. Clicking the links & buying your supplies helps Scotty's Animals! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank You!


High Quality Pre Made C&C Cages can be found at Spend less time building and more time playing with your guinea pigs! 


    These C&C Cages are made with durable materials and come in lots of color and design choices, perfect for any home no matter how much space you have. Use coupon code:


Maybe the C&C Cage sound too complicated, trust me its not, but the other cage we do recommend at the L.A. Guinea Pig Rescue is the Midwest Guinea (Pig) Habitat. It is sturdy and well made. It is 8 sq. ft. which is the minimum size we recommend for 2 guinea pigs. It can be put together in 5 minutes and the canvas bottom can be machine washed.

Check out ALL the Cage Set-Up Supplies in one place on my Amazon Storefront!

Hideys help your piggies feel safe & secure. Here's 3 that I love.

Fleece Bedding placed and changed strategically should also keep the canvas clean. I recommend having a larger fleece pad and then placing smaller pads under hideys or in kitchen and bathroom areas. These smaller pieces can be swapped out daily and washed in a large load at the end of the week.

How Much Work Is It REALLY?? Watch me do the chores required to maintain a Pine Shavings Guinea Pig Cage Set Up, and Also a Guinea Pig Cage Set Up that uses Fleece Pads. Remember they should be dedicated fleece Pads like the ones I recommend here: FLEECE PADS

Skinnypigs1, the YouTube channel has great ideas about fleece & FULL Cage Cleaning Videos. Are You Using Fleece Bedding Properly?

     Watch This Video below!

Are You Using Fleece  Bedding  Properly?

Keep in mind with the right bedding, and regular (weekly) cleaning, the canvas should stay relatively clean. The right amount of Kiln Dried Pine Shavings is 2-3 inches deep after its been patted down. 

Pest Control

I love ALL animals and believe that they all deserve respect. The only animal I have ever had real trouble with is cockroaches. Ant invasions are usually weather or garbage related and the big American cockroaches only come in for a reason too. Its the small German cockroaches that can hitch a ride on a paper bag or cardboard box and they come in to stay and multiply. They infest a place and spread everywhere. I tried exactly EVERYTHING at Home Depot to get rid of them with no luck. A friend recommended Advion to me and within a week, my cockroach problem was gone!


Now anytime I see someone buying roach stuff, I humbly recommend Advion. It is toxic to small pets but it can be applied in small doses in places your pets cannot reach. The roaches eat it, share it and the whole colony dies. Repeat in a few weeks incase any eggs hatch or stragglers remain. This works 100% 


Ants are NO JOKE! While they don't usually eat Guinea Pig Food or Poop, when it gets hot they still might make trails through the cage space. I have found success getting rid of ants using these items.

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