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Does my Guinea Pig need a friend?

Yes ALL Guinea Pigs need a buddy. Even side by side in separate cages, they benefit from having another guinea pig as company. They are herd animals that derive a sense of safety and security from the herd. It's no just about boredom or loneliness. At The Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue (and most rescues) Guinea Pigs will not be adopted without a friend.

My Guinea Pig hates other Guinea Pigs. If I give him enough attention and love can he still live alone?

See previous question and answer. No matter how much love and attention they get from humans, having another guinea pig near by is absolutely necessary for their well being. Not to mention you will enjoy them more and they will show more interesting behavior. The bonding playlist can show you subtle and not so subtle behavior that will make you appreciate your guinea pigs so much more. Isn't that the point of having them in the first place?

Can I just get another Guinea Pig from the pet store and put them with mine?

No. Guinea Pigs need to be bonded. More specifically, They need to be introduced and they will decide if they get along. There is an 80% chance any 2 females will get along but only a 20% chance any 2 males will get along. Watch my "Bonding Rules" video and my bonding playlist in the Bonding Section of the Guinea Pig Care Guide. 

My Guinea Pigs are Fighting! Should I separate them?

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I got my Guinea Pigs from a pet store and they are sick. Should I give them back to the store or pet store vet?

No! All too often after you "give them back" they are put in the back and "treated" for illness. Often that means being put in a tub and neglected. I've seen pictures from pet store employees. Even Respiratory Illnesses or Fungal infection pigs are put in confined spaces and cared for only for minutes a day. NEVER SURRENDER YOUR PETS TO PET STORE VETS! Look at my trusted Vet List. These Veterinarians have been recommended to me by people who have had positive experiences! Of course, if something doesn't feel right, get a second opinion. Your Guinea Pig has a MUCH BETTER chance of getting better when you treat them yourself at home, and get a proper diagnosis and treatment/ care plan from a qualified vet! Most Guinea Pig vets are considered exotic pet specialists. They understand Guinea Pigs and know about Common Guinea Pig Illnesses. Read my Common Illness Page and familiarize yourself with them so you can catch an illness early. Your Guinea Pig's are much more likely to get better if an illness is caught early.

My Guinea Pig is not acting like themselves, what's wrong?

Guinea Pigs are prey animals and will often hide signs of illness. If they are less active, not eating, don't greet you or vocalize like normal, that can be an early sign of illness. Keep a close eye for other signs of illness. Learning about common illnesses and symptoms will help you know what to look for. Things like labored breathing, crinkling sounds, sneezing, runny nose, strange posture maybe signs something is wrong.

My Guinea Pig Sneezes sometimes, is that okay? Are they allergic to something?

No! Guinea Pigs shouldn't sneeze! Practically Never! They may cough, infrequently after drinking or eating fresh wet vegetables. If you hear sneezing, you need to look for other signs. Runny nose, crusty eyes, underweight, audible breathing, labored breathing are all signs of a respiratory infection! Do not wait on this. They need antibiotics from a vet.

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