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Guinea Pig Care

1. Living Situation, Cagemates

  Guinea Pigs should not live alone. They are herd animals. Not only will they be bored or lonely, they derive a sence of security and well being from other guinea pigs. No, your human companionship IS NOT ENOUGH. They need to be with other Guinea Pigs. Boys do best in pairs. Girls do well in groups or trios of girls, in pairs or with a neutered male.

   At the L.A. Guinea Pig Rescue we don't recommend boy trios or larger boy groups, but occasional boy trios or boy groups are surrendered together. There are exceptions, but in my experience boy trios are rare and healthy boys will challenge each other. A bonded pair of boys is a stable, harmonious pair that does not fight. Remember a pair or group of guinea pigs need at least 10 Sq Ft, larger groups need more space.


            Guinea Pig Reproduction

   Did you know that GUINEA PIGS CAN START HAVING BABIES WHEN THEY ARE ONLY 1 MONTH OLD?! Baby boys should be separated from mom and sisters at 21 days. Watch the video "Babies having babies" to learn more. There are so many homeless guinea pigs and accidental pregnancies that you can find your new baby guinea pig at your local shelter or rescue without the risk of breeding! Watch the Adorable Baby Guinea Pig PLAYLIST Here

Watch this BEFORE You Adopt!

What Age Can Guinea Pigs Have Babies?

What to expect when you have

Guinea Pigs

How old are my Guinea Pigs?

Bonding Rules Anchor

   The Guinea Pig Bonding Rules video was created to help you understand the subtleties of guinea pig relationships and your chances of bonding any two individual Guinea Pigs. It's NOT THE SAME for boys and girls, babies and adults, and its not the same for neutered or spayed pigs.

    The TL:DR is any 2 boys have only a 20% chance of bonding, any 2 girls, roughly 80% chance of bonding and a baby boy and an older boy have a 90% initial chance, but a 50/50 chance of splitting up when baby hits adolescence, as is the same with 2 baby boys together.

     I highly suggest you take the time to watch the bonding rules video, and the ACTUAL bonding videos I filmed at the L.A. Guinea Pig Rescue. It will help you get a feel for how making friends works in the Guinea Pig World.

Bonding Guinea Pigs Resource

All about Bonding, Fighting and What To Do!

Prevent Fighting


What To Do After A Fight

3 Boys Together?

Too Old For A Friend?

Bonding Mistakes

Singles Playing With Pairs?

Epic Side-by-Side Set-Up

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