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The first book in the Cage Mates series. At Batelli’s Pet Shop, when baby guinea pig Rusty is left alone after his mom and sisters are purchased, he is paired up with grumpy Gio, But Gio just wants to be alone and hatches a plan to get rid of poor baby Rusty. When a terrible family decides to take Rusty home, will Gio reconsider? Can Gio save Rusty from a horrible home and will they ever be friends? One thing is for sure, the animals at Batelli's Pet Shop will have you laughing out loud! This book is for animal lovers and fur baby parents of ALL ages. Illustrated and written by animal rescue volunteer and YouTuber Scotty of Scotty's Animals, his experience with adopters and animals makes this story true to life and hilariously accurate. Support a rescue volunteer and creator of videos that educate, entertain and foster compassion for animals.

The artwork looks like watercolor, ink and pencil and gives the impression it was drawn and painted directly on the page. The illustrations are full page and full color. This is a story you will treasure in your home library for years to come. Your purchase empowers an animal rescue volunteer and educator to continue to save animals and raise awareness through videos, online resources, and now fun stories for all ages.

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Buy now on Amazon.  Available in hardcover, paperback and instant e-book here

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