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R-Click image, select "open image in new tab" then ctrl or command p will open a print window. Select "portrait" before printing.

The Scotty's Animals 20 Page Coloring Book

is illustrated by me, Scotty! I hope that you enjoy coloring these pages. My goal with Scotty's Animals is to teach about Guinea Pig Care and share EVERYTHING I have learned volunteering at The Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue

For an $8 donation you will receive my 20 page

Coloring book as a thank you for your support

This book is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD. You can download the book and print each page as many times as you want. You can color your favorite pages over and over many different ways. You can share your art with your family and friends! I hope these pages will inspire you to share your love for Guinea Pigs with the world! 

$8 Donation

You will be taken to the password after checkout.

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